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Regency Towers

Our range of Regency clock towers are available in various standard sizes to suit all applications. The towers are manufactured in GRP composite, using original timber and lead patterns to create a product which is durable. lightweight and strong with all the detail of a painted wooden tower. GRP will not rot or require repainting and will be maintenance free for decades.

All our towers are fitted with heavy duty mechanisms using stainless steel drive shafts and maintenance free teflon bearings. Gears, casings and hands are laser cut and mechanisms are housed in sealed polycarbonate casings.

Our clock towers and vented cupolas are designed to suit stables, barns, garages, pavilions and sports clubs as well as commercial and bespoke applications.

1000mm clock tower with illuminated skeleton dial

All our standard towers feature fluted pillars and louvred sides, Dials can be fitted on as many sides as required. The roof and finnial is moulded from a lead original in GRP composite using metal powder to simulate lead whilst reducing weight and cost. Roman or Skeleton dial designs (with optional illumination) can be specified, and the tower can also include digital bell chimes or real bronze bells.

Our bell systems provide total automation of the chimes including programmable night silencing. The controllers are mainly GPS controlled and adjust the clocks and bell chimes following power failures or seasonal time changes such as BST/GMT.

The towers can also be supplied as vent units with louvres on all four sides.

The towers and vent units are designed to arrive fully assembled on a pallet. They fit onto a simple sub-frame which is constructed by your carpenter or builder. Full details and drawings for installations are provided on this ste by clicking on the INFORMATION link.

We can supply a range of standard or bespoke weathervanes in place of the standard finnial. More examples are shown on our WEATHERVANES page.

January Sale prices valid till 31/01/23

Package prices - 2023 - Includes Clock Tower, Roman Clock, Stainless steel 240v mechanism, Verdigris weathervane and UK Mainland Delivery

Base Width Standard Price Trade Prices
1000mm £1650 Please Contatct Us
1200mm £2100 Please Contatc Us
1500mm £2,950 Please Contact Us