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External Clock Tower Manufacturers

Double Sided Drum Clocks

Any of our SKELETON dials can be illuminated from behind as an option. The Roman dials are solid and so can only be lit by external lighting onto the dial.

In order to illuminate the dial a translucent polycarbonate panel is fitted behind the metal dial and to prevent shadowing the motor shafts are extended. If fitted within a clock tower or drum clock, it is also necassery to black out the inside to prevent light showing through other parts of the structure.

The cost for illumination therefore includes:

  • Polycarbonate panel
  • Extension of drive shafts
  • Additional support for motor and lighting
  • Blacking out inside of tower
  • LED lighting panel and transformer or LED tubes

Removal of the centre star allows for personalisation of the dial and chapter rings and hands can be highlighted in 23½crt gold leaf if required

The fitting principle for illuminated skeleton dials is shown below and further information is available on our PDF datasheets.