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External Clock Tower Manufacturers

Motors & Controllers

We design and manufacture our own range of clock motors for our smaller clocks up to 4ft diameter.

For clock and bell installations on clocks above 4ft diameter we are a UK representative for Bodet, Europes’ largest tower clock manufacturer, employing over 600 staff and manufacturing to ISO-9001.

Bodet controllers and bell systems are installed in thousands of churches and public buildings worldwide.

Our motors are designed to last and use materials that will withstand the elements whilst operating continuously. We use waterjet cut Delrin gears instead of brass. Delrin is a tough nylon and with a wide face width has the same strength as brass but does not corrode or oxidise like brass.

Our drive shafts on clocks up to 4ft are all highest grade 316 stainless steel and we use PTFE (Teflon) bearings which runs dry. Stainless steel is more expensive and harder to machine than brass but has superior quality aspects for outdoor clocks.

Our collets are also stainless steel and our hands are laser cut and counterbalanced to reduce gear wear.