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Bell Chimes

Our digital bell system replicates the sound of bronze bells including hour strikes and Westminster chimes, using horn speakers to replicate the resonance of real bells from an MP3 memory card.

The system has a user friendly wall mounted control panel with user options for selection of features including chimes, night silencing, adjustable volume and automatic clock settings such as time zone.

Hour chimes
Click To Hear Hour Chimes
Hour chimes
Click To Hear Westminster Chimes

The system is fully GPS controlled and comes with a 30Watt horn speaker as standard but the output can be increased to any power level for larger applications using an additional amplifier and multiple horn speakers.

Clock motors can be synchronised with the chimes by upgrading the clock motors to GPS control.

These systems are used in many churches where damage to the building from vibration caused by real bells can be avoided.

Click below to hear samples of the Westminster and hour strikes but please remember your device will not replicate the sound in the same way as the correct system and horn speakers!