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External Clock Tower Manufacturers


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Contemporary or modern designs for public buildings, restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

External clocks finished in gold or platinum leaf with diameters from 460mm to 2400mm

Regency, Baroque or custom designs produced in any colour using maintenance free GRP.

Copper, verdigris or custom silouette designs available seperately or with our towers.

Clock Tower People Ltd have 30 years experience designing and manufacturing external clocks and clock towers.
We manufacture our own motors in high quality marine grade stainless steel and produce our own electronic controllers and bell chimes.

We produce a standard range of clocks and clock towers in various sizes to suit a range of buildings, and can also produce bespoke designs to your requirements. 

All our outdoor clocks are manufactured using materials designed to be long lasting, and as maintenance free as possible. 

Our outdoor clocks and tower clocks can be fully automated for summer/winter (BST/GMT) time changes and power failure correction and we also manufacture a high quality digital Bell chime system with Westminster chimes and hour strikes.

All our towers can be fitted with finnials or weathervanes from our range of copper or verdigris designs.

If you have a specific requirement, please get in touch.